It’s everything you’ll need to go digital.

OpenPage is an end-to-end digital publishing platform that helps you deliver an analytics driven personalized learning experience.

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End-to-end digital publishing platform

Make light work of digital publishing!

Creating and publishing interactive content, managing licenses, securely delivering it to multiple platforms is a lot of work - well, not really!

With OpenPage you can effortlessly create, enrich, publish, distribute and deliver interactive content across platforms and devices for a highly personalized and analytics driven learning experience.

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End-to-end digital publishing platform
Data analytics engine

Data analytics engine

Analytics that drives learning.

With the PowerRead engine under the hood, OpenPage offers more than just reports. The data analytics engine processes learner interaction data continually to serve in-content runtime analytics. It timely nudges users with insights, stats, notifications and more - so learners never miss what is important to their learning.

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Multiplatform Publishing

Multiplatform Publishing

Your customers use different devices. That’s no problem!

That’s no problem because with OpenPage, you can publish and deliver content to multiple devices and platforms through branded reader apps.

iOS, Android, Mac, Windows - no problem Laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones - Hey we told you, no problem!

Multiplatform Publishing

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Don’t let budget define your product strategy

With OpenPage SaaS, you can start with a minimal upfront investment. Don’t let budget define your product strategy

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Easy Integration with LMSs and Learning Systems

Like hand in glove

OpenPage integrates beautifully with your LMS and other learning systems to offer a seamless learning experience.

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